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A brief visualization on the future of work and it's impact on both individuals and societies around the world.

The Future of
Work 2030

Making the future work for


In 2030...


59% of the 9 billion people has a job

75% of workforce are millennials

40% job-hops every 3 years

Amount of freelancers doubled



Challenging Phenomena

1. Aging
  • Personal care

    The value of personal attention is higher than ever

  • Educational role

    Modern tools allow us for better knowledge transfers between generations and documentation

  • Passion driven jobs

    Focus on passion driven value exchange for longer natural careers

2. Automation
  • The human experience

    All that can’t be done by a machine

  • Local high quality

    Businesses and jobs will become more quality, local and niche orientated

  • Agility of training

    The speed of onboarding, integration and upskilling is essential

3. Social Paradigm shift

  • Purpose & meaning

    The social definitions of work, job and purpose have changed

  • Decentralization

    Human behaviour, job hierarchy and also companies are becoming horizontal

  • Sustainable Happiness

    Humanity is transforming into a more elevated state, rapidly, creating sustainable societies

Employees will take more social and corporate responsibility and become ambassadors of the new society".

Job requirements 2030

  • Passion, People AND profit
  • Impact driven
  • Decentralized systems
  • In-house universities
  • Universal income and/or employee stocks
  • Allows for personal development
  • Job built around lifestyle



Companies will take more social responsibility and become the innovators of the new society

Planet demands

Social Innovation

Circular Economy

Nomads, Gigs & Jobs

Adecco has to focus on leading a culture of both ambassadors and Innovators


The 4 Worlds


Innovation rules

The Red World is a perfect incubator for innovation with organisations and individuals racing to give consumers what they want.
Digital platforms and technology enable those with winning ideas and allow for specialist and niche profit-markers to flourish. Businesses innovate to create personalisation and find new ways to serve these niches.
But in a world where ideas rule and innovation outpaces regulation, the risks are high. Today’s winning business could be tomorrow’s court case.

Corporate is King

In the blue world, capitalism reigns supreme, it’s where bigger is better.
Organisations see their size and influence as the best way to protect their profit margins against intense competition from their peers and aggressive new market entrants.
Corporations grow to such a scale, and exert such influence, that some become more powerful and larger than national economies. It’s a world where individual preferences take precedent over social responsibility.

Companies care

This is a world where corporate responsibility isn’t just a nice-to-have but it’s a business imperative.
It’s characterised by a strong social conscience, a sense of environmental responsibility, a focus on diversity, human rights and a recognition that business has an impact that goes well beyond the financial. Workers and consumers demand that organisations do right by their employees and the wider world.
Trust is the basic currency underpinning business and employment. Companies have to place their societal purpose at the heart of their commercial strategy.

Humans come first

This is a world where workers and companies seek out greater meaning and relevance in what they do. Social-first and community businesses find the greatest success and prosper.
Crowdfunded capital flows towards ethical and blameless brands. It’s a world where workers and consumers search for meaning and relevance from organisations, ones with a social heart.
Artisans, makers and ‘new Worker Guilds’ thrive.
It’s a world where humanness is highly valued.

Both companies & workforce has to adapt ASAP to participate with the new economy



  • Unplanned digital immersion

    Just do it now!

  • Mass-scale epiphany & career switch

    Society got a wake-up call and is realizing what matters most and what not. Real value-exchange only.

  • Covid19 butterfly effect

    This epidemic will have huge consequences on social behaviour. The job market is standing with both feet in the digital sea.



What comes after 2030?


How am I contributing?

Symbolic Learning

Education method of the future, based on ancient concepts
  • New Generation Management tool

    Faster & more effective knowledge transfers using universal symbolic communication and gamification

  • Based on Geometrical principles

    Train cognitive abilities to visualize patterns, proportions and sequences between different aspects of your job.

  • Pilot-phase for coaches/consultants

    A method that grows along with the practicioner, enabling people to apply it during different phases of their lives

Sources & Recommendations

  • Research on passion-driven job opportunities to inlcude more eldern in the economy
  • Fulfill the high demand for personal services among eldern
  • Symbolic learning for rapid integration of workforce
  • Symbolic learning for expand the shelve-time of new assets
  • Corporate social support for career-change
  • Corporate support systems for families & communities
  • If totalitarian government, then conquer more market to counter balance governmental influence
  • If free market, then gain digital territory for social innovation worldwide
  • If 3D-printing is standardized, focus on local production
  • If dollar falls, implement own community-based coin as life-long trust capital
  • Stay up to date with rapid tech development and ethics
  • Prepare for the normalisation of influencer marketing
  • Keep investing in young talent at younger age
  • Katalyse input from your audience into measurable action
  • Integrate within the gig-economy and p2p platforms