Solving the puzzle
For Entrepreneurs

Solving the puzzle For Entrepreneurs

Here you'll get an overview of entrepreneurs I've helped overcome strategic, cashflow and continuity barriers. The cases are divers, the approach effective since 2009.
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The 3 fundamentals every entrepreneur needs

Smart Positioning

While most entrepreneurs know that their brand identity is their most valuable marketing asset, still many struggle with authentic positioning.

Optimum Conversion

IF you have an authentic brand identity that matches your ideal target audience, what's left is optimizing all channels for optimum conversion.

Returning customers

What kills businesses in the longrun is overhead + high marketing liabilities. Prevent this by having high lifetime value returning customers.

"My mission is to optimize the results of your business in the new economy while improving for online user experience"


Barriers to overcome or in need for a helping hand?

  • What is it exactly that you need?
  • Why do you think this is what you need and what are the consequences if you don't take action on it?
  • What has been stopping you from already having it done?
  • Do you have a specific deadline and/or budget?
  • Is there anything else I should know?