A Forgotten way of
Teaching & Learning

Solving the puzzle For Entrepreneurs

This is what helped me keep sanity between analytic and creative thoughts and clarity between macro and mico vision. It started as a quest to find patterns and hacks to improve everyday activities and it turned into my secret passion project, the quintessence of Self Actualization and the way we handle information overload.
I translated these mental models based on ancient philosophy and geometry into easy tools such as the cards you see in the picture.

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3 Practical Examples


For people who like to focuss on learning new things in life but could use a framework that offers structure on their learningcurve.

Teachers & Coaches

For teachers & coaches who already have a proven curriculum and are open to ways of optimizing the learningcurve of their students.


For organisations where the flow of information exceeds the shelf-life of rules & procedures, optimized information exchange is necessary.

"It's time to explore the higher dimensions of our capacity to learn & teach, by going back to the winning principles found in nature"


When people ask me where to start, I ask them to watch this video first. After that, we can talk!


Do you want to be a part of this educational revolution?

  • If you represent an organization, contact me to see how this method could improve your organisation
  • If you're a teacher or coach, join my 1-day workshop where we apply this method to your curriculum
  • If you're an auto-didact, let's have lunch some day
    (and if you're not in the Netherlands, there's an online course I recently published you can have a look at)
  • If you organize events, I'd love to participate and give a short presentation on Symbolic Learning
  • If you have questions, ideas or have some kind of proposal please feel free to contact me.
  • What is it exactly that you need?
  • Why do you think this is what you need and what are the consequences if you don't take action on it?
  • What has been stopping you from already having it done?
  • Do you have a specific deadline and/or budget?
  • Is there anything else I should know?