Are you...

🧙‍♂️Are you a Creator but your creation deserves more attention?

💪Are you a business-owner, or at least you're having a REAL intention to do so - but your business is not at the profit-level it deserves to be?

💚Are you wanting to contribute to the world with an amazing idea, but still not able to build a successful organization/business out of it?!

Very nice to meet you!

That guy sitting in the "Laboratory private Jet ", starring out of the window - that's me!

My name is Juan and I will be your Personal Business Coach during this amazing Interactive Training that you're going to 😍love!!

🤓I started my first company in 2013 while I was studying Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology AND to pay the bills I had a part-time job as Math & Physics teacher for High School kids.
✔️Challenges came along with Opportunities
✔️Failures harmonized with Successes


✔️Knowledge synthesized with Experience into Golden Epiphanies

but i asked myself:

Am I really doing what I LOVE?

Is my Creation getting the audience it deserves?

Are all the people who can benefit from my help, receiving it?

⏹️ STOP for a sec...


Yes, that's me meditating against a tree in the woods, wearing a suit!

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Instead of Deep Space, I am exploring my Inner Self
Instead of Maths & Physics, I teach Business Philosophy & Strategy


instead of focussing on solely my mission as an individual...

"I Train other people on how to Turn their Creative idea into a Business"

Since 2016

❝ I'm Helping other Millennial Creators 🚀 Achieve their Mission, so they can have a 🌍Positive Impact on the World & make a Purposeful Living out of it📈 - without being Restricted by Commercialism or lack of Business/IT-knowledge ❞

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