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International Trade
& NED-COL 🇳🇱🇨🇴 affairs

Solving the puzzle For Entrepreneurs

Besides my experience in business development, innovation skills and technical background I realized that perhaps my greatest asset is the ability connect the right people with each other. It's easy for me to switch between helicopterview and laserfocussed modus and recognize matching pieces of the puzzle within the broad network of professionals I've build up in the last decade in Colombia and the Netherlands. Of course the cultural aspects are rooted in me, being the driving-force behind my purpose to contribute to the development and enrichment of both countries and their citizens.

3-step approach

Market Recon

What will be the possibilities to penetrate the market within a specific cultural perimiter and what change in consumer behaviour can we predict from available data.

Innovation Audit

Where does the applying organisation stand in reference to the new economy and the position of the guest-country. What are potential opportunities and what adaptation is necessary.


Starting off with the right people at the right moment whether governmental authorities, complementary companies or public organisations providing support & guidance.

"Economic borders between nations shifted from geographical to cultural and will shift from cultural to digital sub-cultural bodies"


Are you curious for the opportunities to enter the NED-COL market?

  • What is it exactly that you need?
  • Why do you think this is what you need and what are the consequences if you don't take action on it?
  • What has been stopping you from already having it done?
  • Do you have a specific deadline and/or budget?
  • Is there anything else I should know?