Pro Bono (free) C.R.O.

Solving the puzzle For Entrepreneurs

Do you want to unleash the full potential of your website/webshop? Then you need to make sure the Conversion Rate of your website/webshop is fully Optimized. Lot's of business owners waste money on their marketing when their business is not profitable but in the past 11 years I learned that you FIRST should focus on improving the Conversion Rate of your website! Many starting entrepreneurs can not afford this investmen and therefore will never make any progress! This is why I am offering this C.R.O. service for starters PRO BONO!

What you will get Pro-Bono


Website analysis

I will thoroughly analyse your website on conversion rate optimization

Report of your website

A clear overview in PDF with the findings of my analysis of your website

Extra tips

Overview of the most common conversion killers + how to fix them

"My mission is to support starting entrepreneurs like you in the new, digital economy by improving their online positioning"


How to apply for Pro Bono C.R.O. service in 3 easy steps

  1. Make a FREE account on Fiverr
  2. Order my Pro-Bono C.R.O. service here free of charge (€8.87,- administration cost)
  3. Leave an honest review to help me score better on Google

⚠️ This pro-bono service is only valid for starters!